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Adjustable Center Shift Stud, SV650
(and possibly others that use 8×125mm threaded “fixed” stud)

If the shift shaft fingers aren’t centered on the shift shaft, Factory Pro has the fix.

It’s a special adjustable offset “centering” stud, adjustable by almost 1mm.
More mature (lol!) experienced mechanics will recall when almost all transmissions were equipped with a part like this. That allowed the engine builder to set the shift shaft to exactly in the center for the best possible shift performance. That part, along with shimming and clearancing gear spacing, is what “blueprinting” a transmission is all about.

Install the stud with enough threads exposed for the locknut.
Turn stud till shift shaft “fingers” are centered on detent STAR pins.
Tighten down the locknut.
Recheck indexing.

CHECK!!! For things that may interfere with the taller stud!!

This fits all the SV650’s, (and probably the 1000’s) at least up to 06 and you may find other applications that it could be used in.