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Honda VFR1200 DCT Replacement Handlebars


Heli Modified started making VFRs more comfortable in 1986 and has sold tens of thousands of HeliBars to VFR customers around the world. Heli Modified knows VFRs, and VFRs with HeliBars equals Comfort Without Compromise! Check out the recent articles in Motorcyclist Magazine Dec 2011 & June 2012 !

1” Rearward 1 3/4” Taller 1” Wider (at 26 1/2) 8 degree reduction in downward angle 3.18 degree reduction in rearward angle

**NOTE: When R&D was conducted on the VFR1200 & VFR1200 DCT the stock bikes did not include the optional wind screen. The optional wind screen can interfere on the left side at full lock to lock. We have heard from the field that pulling the left bar back towards the rider as close as possible without contacting the fairing alleviates this situation.